The phrase in the title, “engineering for process improvements,” is as easy to pronounce or write as it is complex to implement.

Some industries no longer have their own technical offices or engineering departments. Additionally, there is a deficit of profiles and knowledge in certain technical areas, and in specific topics, acquiring that knowledge is even more challenging. This, along with other reasons, prevents many of the improvements that technicians operating equipment and plants “detect” from being managed and carried out. And that’s where Drukatt comes in!

It’s a pleasure when our clients give us feedback on the objectives achieved after collaborating with us because, although Drukatt is dedicated to manufacturing, sometimes clients have resources or other collaborators who can handle the manufacturing. At Drukatt, we even have collaborators specialized in certain types of equipment and/or sectors.

We want to tell you about a joint project with a collaborator with whom we usually generate digital spare parts, and then carry out engineering, more focused on the process than on manufacturing, to achieve objectives beyond spare parts maintenance, such as process improvements (more performance).

Recently, we were informed that a team that passed through our facilities was already in operation (once the new equipment was manufactured), and the client has achieved a stratospheric performance improvement. What used to take 4 hours to process can now be processed in 1 hour.

You can imagine, increased production, reduced energy consumption, and so on…

Do you want us to be your technical office?