A few years ago, we shared a success story about this ATEX motor fan, weighing 50 kg and with a diameter of approximately 450mm. In this case, we addressed reliability issues stemming from the previous manufacturing process (metalworking).

Since then, vibrations and preventive measures to ensure the fan’s integrity have become a thing of the past! As our clients love to challenge us, they asked if we could manufacture a new ATEX motor fan with a diameter of about 920mm and weighing 150kg (fan and hub). As you can see from the photo, the fan was manufactured based on 2D drawings. Initially, we performed a scan of the spare part to create a 3D geometry, enabling us to implement improvements. Subsequently, it was manufactured using our hybrid manufacturing processes, allowing us to work with nearly any material, geometry, and size.

The fan was installed a few months ago, and recently, the maintenance manager called to commend the Drukatt team, something we take pride in 💪💪💪

Do you have any equipment whose reliability is compromised due to certain components? Drukatt may have the solution to enhance reliability and bring you more peace of mind!

At Drukatt, we have been supporting our clients for years, from engineering to the manufacturing of spare parts. We make their equipment more reliable, helping them save money and gain peace of mind.