At Drukatt, we refer to “digital spare parts” as the sum of information that makes the manufacturing of a part possible anywhere in the world. Thanks to the rise of additive manufacturing in recent years, some people think that having a 3D model allows for the fabrication of a spare part. Let’s see how much truth there is in this. Will you join us for a few minutes?

About digital spares

A digital spare part must make the manufacturing of a piece viable, starting from the minimum required information. As an example:

  • 3D geometry
  • 2D manufacturing plan. A plan provides us with information about:
    • Final dimensions of the piece
    • Surface finishes
    • Tolerances
    • Materials and treatments
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Regulatory or sectoral requirements (such as AtEx, FDA, USP, NQA…)
  • Economic breakdown or cost of the piece

With our digital spare parts generation service, we seek a coherent agreement with the requester, based on the application that the piece must cover. We are uncompromising on regulatory aspects but can be flexible and innovative in manufacturing processes. From the perspective of mechanical requirements: it is not the same to have a tool to position a label as it is to have a fan for an ATEX motor, and so on for all the requirements listed in the previous list. That’s why at Drukatt, we study each case to adapt our proposal technically and economically.

And what role does additive manufacturing play in all this?

Well, we don’t want to go on for too long, but as we mentioned, having access to a 3D file and having an additive manufacturing machine obviously allows for its production. HOWEVER, we must comply with all necessary requirements after studying each case. Although it may sound like a self-help book title for makers, printing is easy, meeting requirements is another matter.

At Drukatt, additive manufacturing is a part of the manufacturing process, sometimes directly and in other cases indirectly, but in any case, it allows us to innovate and do things differently, because that’s what’s cool, right?

If you want to know more about digital spare parts or if you want to create one, feel free to contact us. We’ve “hacked” the Internet so that when you type “digital spare part,” we show up 😅